The cookie bouquet is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!I’ve never seen anything like it. The cookies are so unique and delicate. I stared at it for over 20 minutes and am soooooo impressed by all the detail and craftsman ship. Great Work!!! Thank You!!!! I will be using you again soon and will start the referral process.

Angela Puchiele

I gave some of the extra cookies to friends at work today and they loved them! They thought they were the most beautiful cookies ever! One of the ladies will probably be calling you soon for an order on her daughter’s birthday.

Josie Belaisis

Thank you so much for the beautiful and especially delicious cookies. They were definitely the highlight for the children that attended my daughters confirmation.

Sandra Palazzo

Extremely creative and beautiful! Not only an original idea but the presentation is superb! The attention to detail is wonderful and the cookies are delicious.

Piera Graci-Bonnah

The cookies are visually captivating and have a great attention to detail!
Appealing to adults and children alike. The most impressive is the delightful texture and buttery flavour upon every bite.

Emma Feriozzo

Thank you Cookie Messenger! The cookies were given out as party favours for my 10th birthday party. The kids couldn’t wait to eat them because they looked so beautiful. The next day they begged me to tell them where I bought them because they were so delicious.

Julia Feriozzo