Floral & Fruit Bouquets

The Cookie Messenger takes pride in not only creating a number of standard bouquets listed below, but beautiful custom creations as well.  If you don`t see something you are looking for, please call us to discuss having a unique, one-of-a-kind arrangement made just for you!

We are always creating new bouquets and we look forward to updating our website and Facebook page with our new creations,  so make sure to check back often or “like” us on Facebook.

The centre cookie on each of our bouquets is personalized with a message (size permitting).

At this time, we offer all of our bouquets in our classic all-natural shortbread recipe.  Stay tuned for the introduction of our mixed flavour (lemon, orange, chocolate & cinnamon) bouquets in the months ahead.

Our cookies are not only made with a premium icing, but many are embellished with high quality white chocolate fondant as well.  A feast of flavour for your palate!

NOTE: All bouquets are subject to H.S.T