Protein Bites

The First of our NEW HEALTHY Cookie Line-Protein Bites!

Use them as an easy breakfast, a quick snack, a pop of protein before a workout, or even a dessert!

Protein Bites are made from all natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives.
Bites can act as a meal supplement because of their high protein content.

 The Benefits of Protein Bites:


  •  Includes: Chia Seeds, Ground Flax Seeds, Hulled Hemp, Goji Berries, Soy Butter, Honey, Oats
    -Chia Seeds: Detox seed, boosts metabolism, anti-aging properties, high amount of protein, increased sense of fullness
    -Ground Flax seeds: Increased sense of fullness, high in fiber, antioxidant
    -Hulled Hemp: Super Food, complete Protein, benefits weight loss, increased and sustained energy
    -Goji Berries: Both a fruit & herb, source of antioxidant, boots immune system, low in calories, fat free & high source of fiber,
    improves energy levels & gastro intestinal functions, helps manage weight
Each Protein Bite: $2.05

Min. Order: 1/2 Dozen–$12.30 +tax