Housewarming/Real Estate Agent Gift

Congratulate a friend or loved one on their new home! An option for real estate agents who want to send a thank you gift to one of their clients.
The mailbox cookie in this bouquet has the family name and their actual address written on it. Their house number is above the door on the house cookie.

5 cookies – $52.99
8 cookies – $77.99
9 cookies – $84.99
Our cookies do not contain any additives or preservatives, and they do have a guaranteed 7-10 day shelf life from the time they are received. Each cookie in
the bouquet is individually wrapped in cello and tied with a satin ribbon.

The Cookie Messenger bouquets are available in the following flavours:
classic vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, orange and chocolate.

Please note that each bouquet can be ordered in one flavour only.

Due to the customized nature of our product, all orders require a minimum 2
business day advance notice prior to the pick-up or delivery date. If you need
quick turnaround, please call our store to inquire about our inventory.

Should you need to cancel your order, The Cookie Messenger requires 72 hours notice prior to pickup or
delivery date of your order.
  If 72 hours notice is NOT given, the entire amount of the order will be
charged to the customer’s credit card on file.